sparkler bouquet

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i wanted to draw jinbei and fireworks and ended up with this hahaha

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i want to do a shironuri group so i did some quick designs based off of crashing waves. i’ll scan it later l o l

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 MY HEART IS DEVASTATED BY 僕と妻の1778の物語 and i wanna do it justice so im gonna do it in traditional media because im actually ok at that -0 -

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ble h

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need more practice drawing bois l o l

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i’m rly late but i finally finished ninkyo helper and it’s safe to say my heart is broken in at least five different ways 

so have this sketch dump

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finds random sketches of i’m pretty sure haruma miura

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usa mamo micron sketches 

i’ll scan the finished marker ones sometime ………….. > o </

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a mostly unsuccessful venture into my backyard for ootd photos. ended with broken shoes and an ascension beyond the mortal plane ??? ? ?

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